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Nov 16  

what's the point of a facial anyway?

what's the point of a facial anyway?

Why should we get facials anyway? One might ask. We go to our physicians once a year for a check-up, our dentist for a teeth cleaning, our chiropractor for a spine adjustment. All things that are necessary for us to lead healthy, sustainable lives.

For many, getting a facial is something we do sparingly - when we treat ourselves for our birthday, when we’re on vacation, or when we’re just feeling particularly indulgent. Facials aren’t necessarily something we need, so investing $150+ to relax for an hour doesn’t always seem justifiable. 

But stay with us, just for a moment.

Here at Cake, we believe that educating ourselves regarding all things skin care is key. Here are several things that we accomplish when we receive facials, and why it can be a smart idea to invest in them:

It provides a reset for our skin. Our skin regenerates approximately every 28 days, so getting a facial helps products penetrate more effectively.

It creates better circulation. Our skin breathes, and getting a facial helps our skin operate at a better capacity.

Facials help us prepare for weather changes. For most of us, our skin in the winter is drastically different than our skin in the summer. Getting a facial can help properly prepare your skin for those seasonal changes.

Extractions. Simply put, you cannot perform effective extractions on yourself. Here at Cake, we take a very gentle, but thorough approach to the extraction process. You’ll notice the difference.

The access to top of the line, clean skin care products. At Cake, our team is constantly testing new products, so that we provide what we believe to be the highest quality, effective treatments.

Our intent is not to convince you that you need a facial every 4 weeks, because for many of us, it’s not within our budget. But, we believe that getting routine facials can be do-able for everyone. Regardless if you are someone that can come in every 4 weeks, quarterly, or even twice a year, over time, it makes a difference.

For many, getting a facial is simply a time to relax and chat it up with your esthetician and walk out feeling refreshed. For others, it can be a transformative experience, especially when results start showing. But perhaps most importantly, having clear skin can empower us, make us feel more confident, and help us feel like the best version of ourselves.