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Cryo-Tech Facial Tool


All you need is a glass of ice water + 10 seconds. No freezer, no mess, no fuss.

Instantly refresh & rejuvenate your glow with the power of Cryotherapy – AKA cold therapy – no freezer necessary. Powered by Terahertz, this multi-purpose facial tool instantly revitalizes, depuffs, soothes, and firms the appearance of the skin.

Created by Japanese scientists, Terahertz is a crystal with the unique ability to conduct and maintain cold temperatures - becoming instantly ice cold when dipped in iced water - without the need to leave it in the freezer for hours.

The stone is incorporated into a plastic-free & unbreakable design with a sleek, elongated shape that adapts perfectly to the specific morphology and needs of the skin, allowing you to have an ultra-effective and incredibly easy cryo-session at any moment of the day.

All skin looking for a quick & effective way to refresh & rejuvenate their glow.

Puffiness, inflamed acne/breakouts, dull/tired skin, facial tension, sagging skin, signs of aging.

Healthier-looking skin with visibly defined & depuffed features and tighter-looking pores.

Simply dip the tool in a glass of iced water and count to 10 for instant cold. Use Acupressure and Gua Sha technique to enhance your pimple spot treatment, relieve facial tension, visibly depuff the eye area, and perk up tired, sagging skin.