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Master Aesthetician (she/her)

Skincare Philosophy

Skincare has come such a long way since I first began as an Aesthetician. My dream products to work with are super effective while using well- balanced and safely formulated ingredients. Stability is also a big part of what I look for. Products that yield great results. However, we are in a time where we can also be super picky about what we look for lines that I like working with. The next step is beautiful, functional but also sustainable packaging. I am wanting to leave as small of a carbon foot print as possible and I know my clients appreciate that. In short, my philosophy would be, good for you and for the world we live in. I want all of my services to also embody my skincare philosophy. I never want to do a service just because I am feeling like it's something I want to do alone, it has to be because it is what the client needs in that moment. This mostly applies to facials and what I will do during that customized experience. 

Approach to treatments

I like to approach all my services with a completely customized and tailored approach. I love to hear what expectations my client have and then discuss with them how to achieve those goals and also provide my expertise to make sure what they are hoping for is appropriate. My clients know that my time in their service is all about them!  I have found the best way to achieve the dream results with my clients is to let me know all the steps we will be taking along the way and that everything can be altered if need be to have them leaving happy. If it’s a skincare goal then home care is a huge part of that. I also want to find out what is within reason for them. Some of my clients are very minimal and others like lots of steps/choices.

What drives me?

I overall just love the opportunity to care for my clients. Leaving them feeling pampered and seeing awesome results! We have the best products you can get to work with in the room and I think that makes such a difference as well. Lastly, continuing education is a huge passion for me and Cake is always allowing for learning opportunities to soak up.