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Oct 21  

Working on hyper-pigmentation in the winter

Working on hyper-pigmentation in the winter
Summer is gone but the hyper-pigmentation from all that sunshine can still linger.
Fall and winter is a great time to work on evening out pigment and also to start  preventing more uneven pigment in the summers to come. There are a several ways we can work with you by coming up with a customized plan to help you brighten your skin.
Here are my personal favorite things during facials:
Peels, LED lights, dermaplaning and Revitapen.
The tricky part about hyper-pigmentation is that our cells have memory, so it’s crucial to use a tyrosinase inhibiting product to maintain your now more even skin tone.
My personal favorite's for prevention purposes as well as treatment are both the White Lightening Complex and White Lightening Serum from IS Clinical. It’s also a good idea to be using some kind of antioxidant rich vitamin c serum and of course a really great sunscreen like our Jan Marini Physical SPF 45 and our Supergoop! Mineral Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 for re-application throughout the day.
If you are super into skincare and amazing tools, the ZIIP nano-current device has a pigment setting that is perfect for targeting hyper-pigmentation.
We would love to see you for a complimentary consultation or one of our ultra luxurious and super customized facials to help you reach your skincare goals!