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Nov 16  

Sugaring 101 - Featuring our Aestheticians & Sugaring Queens, Kelly Perez & Carney Schultz

Sugaring 101 - Featuring our Aestheticians & Sugaring Queens, Kelly Perez & Carney Schultz

What exactly is sugaring and how does it work?

Kelly: Sugaring is an all natural hair removal service. It is sugar, water and lemon juice that is tempered like candy and made into a paste. It melts down into the follicle and can pick up even the shortest of hairs.


What are the benefits of sugaring?

Carney: Benefits of sugaring include: good exfoliation, it's water soluble so you can remove any excess stickiness from your skin with just water, and since it is made with only 3 ingredients, there aren't a lot of things your skin could react to. And sugaring is more gentle on the environment!

How often should I get sugared? Is it the same time frame as waxing?

Carney: You should get sugared every 4-6 weeks, similar to waxing. However, if you need to come in sooner because you have a vacation, sugar is able to remove hairs at a shorter length than wax because it can get closer to the root.


What are the main differences between sugaring vs. waxing?

Kelly: They are applied and removed in the opposite way from each other. Sugar is removed in the direction the hair grows and wax is removed against the direction of the hair growth. Sugar is also kept at body temperature so it’s a much lower heat for your skin.

Where do we get our sugar from at Cake?

Kelly: We get our sugar from a local company, Tamara's Sugar, which is based out of Tukwila and we use the organic version of their sugar paste.

General tips to know before getting sugared?

Carney: Take an ibuprofen 2 hours prior to your appointment to reduce discomfort.
You cannot get sugared when using antibiotics or in any area where a retinol has been applied in the last 7 days.
Make sure to wear loose clothing 24-48 hours after your appointment to avoid irritation. You cannot swim, be in a hot tub or bath 24 hours after your service!

How do I know sugaring is right for me?

Kelly: I recommend sugaring for anyone that is experiencing in-growns or has very sensitive skin. I personally prefer sugaring for my body vs waxing, but I think it’s really a personal preference. The great thing is Carney and I both offer both so we can accommodate any request.